Douzelage Youth Board Gathers in Altea to Shape the Future

Date: August 1, 2023

Photo from Rovinj-Rovigno taken from the sea

The Douzelage Youth Board, a dynamic group of young individuals from various European towns, recently convened in Altea to strategize and discuss the future of the Douzelage youth and set forth their ambitious goals for the coming years. The meeting, held in Altea, was a significant milestone for the board, as it allowed members to collaborate and plan for the upcoming General Meeting scheduled to take place in Rovinj at the end of September.

One of the primary objectives of the gathering was to strengthen the sense of community and cooperation among the youth representatives from different Douzelage member towns. The board recognizes the importance of fostering a united front to address common challenges and work towards shared aspirations.

Photo from Rovinj-Rovigno taken from the sea at night

Among the prominent attendees was Zino Vreysen, the Youth President of Douzelage. His presence added valuable insights and guidance to the discussions, emphasizing the critical role of young voices in shaping the future of the organization.

The board members who made their way to Altea included Corinna Hacker from Bad Kotzting (Germany), Hannah Mc Nulty from Bundoran (Ireland), Ida Tornvig from Hostelbro (Denmark), and Michelle Held from Meerssen (The Netherlands). Their diverse backgrounds and experiences brought forth a range of perspectives, enriching the dialogue and decision-making process.

Photo from Rovinj-Rovigno taken from the air

A noteworthy gesture came from the Altea town hall, which offered its full support to the board’s meeting by arranging free accommodation for the attendees. This collaboration exemplifies the spirit of solidarity and mutual assistance that Douzelage advocates.

During their stay in Altea, the board had the opportunity to meet two enthusiastic young participants from the local community. These young individuals, who are set to attend the upcoming General Meeting in Rovinj, were eager to share their ideas and contribute to the broader discussions about the future of Douzelage.

Looking ahead, the board aims to make the most of their time in Altea by further developing their strategies and action plans for the approaching General Meeting. This upcoming event in Rovinj is a crucial gathering that will bring together representatives from all Douzelage member towns, fostering a platform for exchange, cooperation, and decision-making.

With a renewed sense of purpose and unity, the Douzelage Youth Board is determined to make a significant impact on shaping the future of Douzelage. Their collective efforts and dedication to promoting cross-cultural understanding, sustainable development, and youth empowerment will undoubtedly contribute to the organization’s long-term success and growth.

Beach in Rovinj-Rovigno

As the date of the General Meeting in Rovinj approaches, the excitement and anticipation among the board members and participants continue to grow. With the support of the Douzelage community and local authorities, the youth board is ready to take on the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, embracing the spirit of collaboration and innovation that has come to define the Douzelage network.

The Douzelage Youth Board’s meeting in Altea marks a significant milestone in the organization’s journey, representing a united step towards a brighter, more interconnected future for the youth of Douzelage member towns. Together, they are set to create lasting impacts that transcend borders and foster a sense of solidarity among the young generation of Europe.