Türi, Estonia

Türi is a small town located in Central Estonia. It is Estonia’s spring capital and numerous events and activities take place during springtime. It is a calm garden town with many beautiful sights like the Türi lake along with its river, cherry trees, multiple museums, and churches.

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About Türi

Türi is situated in Järvamaa county in the municipality of Türi. It has a population of about 5000 and an area of 9,79 km².

Türi officially became a city in July 1926, but the first piece of written information about Türi (then called Turgel) dates back to 1564. Türi used to be home to a famous paper factory which operated in 1900-1941.

Türi is the spring capital and is known for the Flower Fair which has taken place every spring for over 40 years. It has about 30,000 visitors and is by far the biggest tourist attraction of Türi. The town hosts many other events such as the Family Festival in the summer, the Apple Festival in autumn. Türi is also known for the beautiful cherry trees that grow by the Türi lake and bloom in April and May.

Türi has a youth council which lets the young residents speak up about the development of the town and they also organise different events for the youth.

There are also many cultural experiences within Türi. The Türi Cultural Centre hosts many events and performances and it also has an art gallery with exhibitions of various local artists. There are multiple choirs and Estonian folk dance groups in Türi who partake in local events and create a lively and homely atmosphere.

Türi has a wide selection of sports activities such as a ski run, an adventure park, orienteering course and a sports building.